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Suzy Kolber fan site! ESPN Monday Night Football / NFL Draft Coverage / NASCAR Countdown brings you the most comprehensive collection of Suzy Kolber pics, videos & news. Check back often as this site is constantly being updated. Suzy has become one of the most popular ESPN personalities since she joined the sports television behemoth in 1993. In fact, Suzy has been a leading face in communications since she graduated from the University of Miami in 1986. A recent recipient of the Maxwell Club's Sports Broadcaster of the Year, Suzy continues to win over new viewers with every on-screen appearance.

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Tom Brady blows off Suzy Kolber

For endorsements, Suzy is a voice in the popular Xbox & PS2 game, ESPN NFL Football. Chevrolet and Pepsi-Cola use Kolber as a national television spokesperson.

* Did you know Suzy Kolber was an original anchor for ESPN2 back in '93?

* Fox Sports had Suzy's services for a short time... only to see her go back to ESPN.