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Suzy Kolber Bio

In 1962 in Philadelphia, PA, Suzanne Lisa Kolber, or Suzy as she would become to be known as was born, and a rising sports reporter was set lose on the world. Graduating from the University of Miami, Suzy can currently be seen on ESPN, but ESPN wasn't the first place she landed.

Like most people in TV she had to work her way up. While still studying at Miami she worked at Dynamic Cable as the sports director. After graduating she got her first real break as a videotape coordinator for CBS Sports in New York. From 1985-1989, she produced the sportscast for WTVJ-TV in Miami, getting herself a local Emmy in 1988. In 1989-1990 Suzy freelanced as a specials producer for WPGL-TV, and then moved on to WPEC as a weekend sports anchor in 1991.

In 1993 Kolber would join ESPN as co-host for ESPN2's SportsNight, debuting with the network on October 1st. In November of 1996, she would leave ESPN to join Fox Sports, where she anchored a nightly sports program, as well as reported from NFL games. She was the lead reporter for NFL on Fox, as well as studio host of NHL on Fox. But her time with Fox was short lived, as she would return to ESPN in 1999. After doing sideline reporting for Monday Night Football for years, Kolber requested that she get to do more in-studio work so she could spend more time with her child. As a result the show NFL32 was created.

Her TV career has not been without controversy. While covering the 2011 NFL draft, Kolber came under a lot of fire during an interview with Mark Ingram, Jr. During the interview, she read an email to Ingram from his father who was in prison, which caused Ingram to cry. It was seen by many as being very staged and manipulative. More famously, on December 20, 2003 during an interview with Joe Namath, he more than once told Suzy, "I want to kiss you" during the live interview. Kolber responded with the famous "Thanks, Joe. I'll take that as a huge compliment". Namath later apologized, blaming it on him being drunk.

Throughout her career she has been given many accolades that are very much deserved. Though I am sure the one she is most proud of is having won 3 Crown Awards at the celebrity hair website Suzy won Best Short Hair awards in 2003 and 2007.

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